Sunu (YC S17) – Sonar wristband helping blind people navigate

Hey HN! This is Marco, one of the founders of Sunu ( We're building a sonar smartband that improves navigation for the visually impaired.

Sunu band combines an ultrasonic transceiver, an inertial motion unit plus a haptic module powered by a bluetooth Arm processor. All this hardware together driven by years of observation and product thinking, over 20 years of experience of blind travel training from our advisor Daniel Kish (aka the real life Dare Devil) and research from the Blind Mobility Research Unit at Nottingham University In England, result in a simple device that gently informs the user of obstacles on their way: proximity, surface density, edges, openings and other information provided in real time. This enables the user to take the best navigation course with ease. It basically works like a new sense: feeling your surroundings at your wrist.

I'm an inventor since I have memory (blame Dexter's Lab), and my best friend from childhood is deaf. I thank life to put these two on my way because early on I found my passion creating games and tools with my friend, which eventually lead me to study robotics, develop 7 assistive devices until this last one hit me to pursue something more. During a year long community service at an institution of blind children I had a life-changing experience which made me realize what I really wanted to do: create technology that serves the disabled community starting with a mobility device that helps the blind move freely.

I'm happy to talk and share more. Don't forget to share, someone in your community may thank you for that!

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