Mutiny (YC S18) – Website Personalization for B2B Companies

Hello everyone!

We're Jaleh & Nikhil, the founders of Mutiny ( We help companies personalize their website for each visitor to close more sales.

We are built for B2B companies that are actively growing their website traffic. For the majority of these companies, 97-99% of their visitors don’t convert to a trial or sales conversation. Typically the reason is that when potential customers come to their site they don’t understand why the product is great for them. This happens because customers from different industries and company sizes are looking for different things when they land on a website and are motivated by different social proof.

Mutiny enables B2B companies to dynamically customize the website’s message, images, and call-to-action to match the visitor. For example, one of our customers Amplitude, a product analytics company, changes its website’s customer logos on their pricing page and signup form to match the visitor’s industry. This specific personalization generates 54% more leads. Another customer Carta, an equity management product, changes their homepage headline and messaging to highlight product features that matter most based on the visitor’s company size. They have seen 80% more leads in their smaller customer segments as a result.

Mutiny was inspired by our own experience. Nikhil and I were early Gusto employees and helped grow the company from 500 to 50,000 customers such as startups, restaurants and accounting firms. I led marketing and quickly learned that the same message did not work for all the businesses we served, resulting in low conversion rates. This problem got worse as we started to spend more on advertising/content and attracting customers who had never heard of us before. Personalizing the buyer experience helped increase conversion rates, but doing it well required a lot of expertise and engineering work. And after speaking with other marketers and growth teams we realized that virtually every B2B company serves multiple audiences with different needs, but doesn't have sufficient engineering support to personalize their experience.

Here’s how it works:

Set up: User adds the Mutiny javascript to their website and defines their website conversion events in the Mutiny UI.

1. Understand visitors: We have pre-built data integrations (e.g. Clearbit, Segment, Salesforce, UTM) to identify visitors by their industry, company size, funnel stage, advertising campaign, free user v/s paid user and more. We also display how many visitors fall into each segment and what their conversion is.

2. Prioritize the highest impact segments: Mutiny analyzes visitor traffic, conversion & CRM data to recommend the best audience segments for personalization. It then suggests personalization playbooks that fit with the recommended segment & walks the user through best practices for personalizing each segment’s experience.

3. Personalize any website element: Users can load any page on their website inside Mutiny’s visual editor, and change any html element such as text, image or call-to-action for that segment.

4. Measure results: Every Mutiny experience has an automatic control group that never sees personalization, allowing users to measure the impact of personalized experiences compared to non-personalized.

Mutiny is being used by Brex, Segment, Elastic, Amplitude, Carta & others who are seeing 40-200% more leads with Mutiny. Our detailed case studies including screenshots of personalized web pages are available here:

We have released 30+ personalization playbooks that we have seen work well across b2b companies here: If you are a smaller startup with little website traffic, but are actively reaching out to potential customers through email or LinkedIn, check out the “ABM” (Account based Marketing) playbooks.

We are super excited to be on HN today and will be around all day to hear about your experiences, any ideas, and feedback you might have.

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