Doppler (YC W19) – Easily manage your env vars and secrets

Brian here - I am one of the creators of Doppler and I’m pumped (and kinda nervous!) to share it with HN.

Doppler is an easy way to manage and share environment variables and secrets -- things like API keys, database credentials, feature flags, and configuration like a port or a hostname. We’ve heard it's “GitHub for secrets”.

While working at Uber and small startups, managing app config via env vars really sucked. Simple options like .env files were a nightmare to keep updated. Enterprise tools like HashiCorp Vault and AWS Parameter Store felt like we were stuck using FTP instead of Dropbox!

For the past 2 years, we’ve been heads-down building a secrets manager we actually want to use. For our customers, it's now their central source of truth for secrets and app configuration. They use Doppler to quickly organize and sync secrets with teammates and across infra, from local to prod on every stack. It has the features you'd want in a secrets manager, like sharing, audit logs, versioning, and integrations with major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Heroku, Docker, Netlify, Laravel Forge, etc.).

We’re deeply committed to strong security controls and highly available infra. Best-practices like data tokenization, security driven design, and external pentests help keep us secure: And fully managed encrypted fallbacks in your infra means your secrets are always available, even in the rare case we aren’t.

To support our community, we’re committed to offering a community plan that's free forever for unlimited users. Paid plans start at $6/seat/month.

For visual learners like me, here's a 4-min video of us installing Doppler:

Take a look if you're curious: Let us know what you think!

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