Livedocs (YC W22) – Live data in your documents, without code

Hi HN, I’m Arsalan, founder of Livedocs ( Livedocs is a no-code analytics tool that lets you build simple reports with live data from tools like Segment, Stripe, and Google Analytics, without writing code. Here’s a video of how it works:

Working on early stage teams in the past, I got tired of tracking and reporting even simple metrics. My team would resort to either esoteric hacks, VBA scripts, or simply nagging data guys for metrics—even simple ones. Tracking metrics from multiple tools is a pain in the neck.

That’s when I realized most teams rely heavily on software that already offer some sort of embedded analytics on their dashboards. All they needed was a way to compose data from these dashboards into a single place.

Livedocs lets non-technical users track common metrics like retention, MRR, etc by connecting directly to tools via OAuth. IMO, until teams or projects hit a certain size or success, writing SQL queries or hopping between different dashboards to track simple metrics is overkill. So we let these users build live reports and documents using pre-built blocks that connect to their tools directly.

For example, solopreneurs, super-early stage startups, and small businesses use us to keep track of metrics like MRR, churn, web traffic, and product analytics like retention, activation, etc., from Stripe, Google Analytics, and Segment. See here for what that looks like:

To pick another example: side projects! I have so many side projects, each with their own Google Analytics, Stripe, and sometimes Twitter account that I lose track of how each is performing. Now I just set up a quick report on Livedocs for each—like this:

We call these “live documents” because they are like a document with live variables, graphs, etc. The closest comparison would be a dashboard, but way more flexible—e.g. as editable as a document.

I also wanted these documents to be easy to replicate for other projects and quick sharing, so I built a templates feature into Livedocs. Commonly used templates are listed here: You can easily clone one and connect it to your own data sources to get started, so please feel free to try it out.

We charge $30/month and offer a free 14 day trial (without a card).

I’m keen to hear your feedback!

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