Loops (YC W22) – Email for SaaS Companies

Hello HN! We're the team behind Loops (https://loops.so), a platform aimed at simplifying the email experience for SaaS companies. We support creating and sending marketing, product, and transactional email.

Email is important but painful to manage. If you've ever dealt with the frustration of coding emails by hand, testing them across multiple clients, or integrating them into various SaaS tools, you might find our approach interesting.

We make it simple to design and send email to your users either manually in the app, via API or triggered via an integration. We offer unlimited team seats, so your product team can help align copy, your marketing team can send newsletters, your revenue team can work on dunning and your engineers can have a solid API to help orchestrate the sends.

Most of our competitors use email editors that are licensed from a third party. Our editor is built from the ground up on the Lexical text editor from Meta, extended beyond just text nodes. It supports mobile editing and dark mode, and it autosaves your changes.

Our REST API is straightforward, and we have integrations with tools like Segment and Census. Documentation is available at https://loops.so/docs. On our homepage, right under the fold, we list endpoints and sample payloads.

One issue we've worked hard to address is email compatibility across devices and platforms. It's a problem full of edge cases that we've mitigated by extending MJML, a markup language designed for responsive email, to be even more compliant across different platforms. We don't think you should have to code and test your emails. Email copy shouldn't live in your codebase.

If you're concerned about spam, we are too. We educate our users on CAN-SPAM rules and automatically add compliant footers to emails. We actively monitor to ensure our platform isn't used for spam, and we do not allow cold sales emails.

Our pricing is upfront and available on our website. You can try the platform for free without a credit card. We launched publicly a week ago. We're really interested in any technical feedback you have, as we aim to make this tool as developer-friendly as possible.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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