Show HN: (YC W22) Chrome Ext to Run Better Standup in Google Meet

Hey HN! Iā€™m Yoav, co-founder of (YC W22). We're building Spinach to help engineering teams run standup on autopilot, improve daily alignment, and give teams notes from every standup they can share to cut back on status updates.

We launched the Spinach web app a few weeks ago on Launch HN, and the feedback from you all was really helpful. As a followup, we want to show you our new Chrome Extension. It allows you to run your standup directly in the Google Meet window with no extra tabs open, no screen sharing, and no context-switching.

[Watch our team run standup using the Chrome Extension](

Get the extension in the Chrome Store, sign up to create a meeting (it's free and no credit card needed), open in Google Meet, and share your feedback on the experience.

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